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The Ohio State Biochemistry Program (OSBP) is an interdisciplinary graduate program that trains students to investigate the biochemical basis of life and disease. In the program, students earn a Ph.D. in Biochemistry after conducting original research in world-class laboratories. The interests of our faculty range from understanding fundamental biochemical pathways to dissecting molecular mechanisms that underlie human diseases. The training of our students is therefore equally broad, from basic physical biochemistry, structural biology and molecular genetics, through designing treatments for disease. Our students learn theoretical and practical aspects of biochemistry, gain skills in presenting their research, attend national and international scientific conferences, and participate in a seminar series with world-renowned speakers.



The OSBP core curriculum includes required courses in molecular biology, protein and nucleic acid structure and function, enzymes, and membranes. Students must also take at least six additional credit hours of graduate biochemical electives. A list of approved electives is provided. Students participate in a mentoring and ethics seminar, student seminar, and the Molecular Life Sciences seminar series.

Students typically do three 7-week lab rotations and join a lab in mid-spring of the first year. All students must advance to candidacy by the end of the second year and meet with their committees annually until graduation.

Handbook, Forms, and Deadlines

The OSBP Handbook, as well as key forms and deadlines for lab rotations, preceptor selection, committee selection, annual reports, post-candidacy committee reports can be found on this web page.

Fellowships & Training Programs

Incoming students can be nominated for the University Fellowship or Graduate Enrichment Fellowship from the Graduate School, and early-stage students can be nominated for traineeships such as MBTP and CMBP. OSBP students can apply or be nominated for internal fellowships such as Pelotonia and the Presidential Fellowship, as well as external fellowships from organizations like the American Heart Association.

Buckeye Biochemistry Club

The Buckeye Biochemistry Club is the student organization of OSBP, which plans social activities and community outreach, and helps run the Life Sciences Interdisciplinary Graduate Program Annual Symposium each May. The Club also runs a biennial Career Day program.