Buckeye Biochemistry Club

The Buckeye Biochemistry Club is a student-based organization that provides the opportunity for graduate students to interact inside and outside of the academic environment.  Throughout the year, students involved in the club plan and organize various activities for students within the program, from picnics to Clippers games and more. We help the Ohio State Biochemistry Program with recruitment events and orientation for incoming students, in addition to helping set up our annual IGP Symposium.


2017-2018 Club Officers


Ken Gerien, President

Cami Schnieder, Vice President

Chris Gilbert, Treasurer

Tracy Roach, Social Chair

Songyu Dong and Sarah Biehn, Social Committee 

Blake Szkoda and Jordan Hempfling, Recruitment Chairs

Mike Ryan, Recruitment Committee

Zack Howard, Orientation Chair

Effie Miller, Outreach Chair

Bryant Jacob, Abby Leggett, Nathaniel Burge, Outreach Committee

Janie Frandsen, Professional Development Chair

Chris Gilbert and Effie Miller, Professional Development Committee

Samantha Dodbele, CGS Representative