Molecular Life Sciences Seminar Schedule


Autumn 2020

MLS Seminars will be held virtually this semester.


 AUTUMN 2020 MLS Seminar Schedule


September 1, 2020

Dyche Mullins
University of California-San Francisco
Prime movers of cell biology: ancient molecular motors and how they work
Host: Sarah Heissler,

September 22, 2020

OSU Wellness Talk
Jordan Helcbergier, OSU Welness Coordinator
Student Wellness Overview

September 29, 2020

Gaudenz Danuser
UT Southwestern
How cell shape shapes cancer cells
Host: Emmanuele Cocucci,

October 13, 2020

Arthur Gunzl
University of Connecticut Health
The trypanosome pre-mRNA splicing machinery and its potential Achilles heel, the cyclin-dependent kinase CRK9
Host: Naduparambil Jacob,

October 20, 2020

Baron Chanda
Washington University-St. Louis
Molecular determinants of inverted gating polarity in pacemaker ion channels
Host: Harpreet Singh,

October 27, 2020

Aaron Goldman
OSU, Department of Biological Chemistry & Pharmacology
Gene regulatory networks driving zebrafish heart regeneration
Host: Federica Accornero,

November 3, 2020

Anna Dobritsa
OSU, Department of Molecular Genetics
Leaving a mark: Formation of distinct cellular domains at the pollen surface
Host: Amrit Singh,

November 10, 2020

Harvey Lodish
Stem cells, transit amplifying cells, and the regulation of red blood cell production: Development of new therapies for erythropoietin- resistant anemias
Host: Kristine Yoder,

November 17, 2020

Michael Weiss
Indiana University
Proinsulin has evolved to the edge of non-foldabiity: biophysics of the diabetes pandemic
Host: Thomas Magliery,



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May 21, 2021
Life Sciences IGP Annual Symposium
The Ohio Union


The MLS series is the joint seminar series of OSBP and MCDB. Travel arrangements for MLS seminar are by Franci Brink (614-292-1463) and Lauren Pasquale (614-292-2804), who can both be reached at Schedules are coordinated by the host. Contact the chair of the MLS Seminar Committee, Guramrit Singh (, with speaker suggestions and policy questions. Speaker nominations of Nobel laureates, NAS members, and HHMI investigators are typically granted without further documentation. Nominations of other speakers doing cutting edge research of broad appeal should include a short justification and CV or similar website link. We strongly encourage nominations of emerging young investigators, women, and under-represented minorities. We also encourage nominations from MCDB and OSBP graduate students.