Molecular Life Sciences Seminar Schedule


Spring 2020

MLS Seminars are at 4:00 pm in 170 Davis Heart & Lung Research Institute, 473 W. 12th Ave., unless noted.


Due to the university guidelines for COVID-19, MLS Seminars have been canceled for the remainder of Spring Semester effective March 10, 2020.  The safety of our community is our top priority.  We will share updates as more information becomes available.


 SPRING 2020 MLS Seminar Schedule

January 14, 2020

Nancy Ratner
University of Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Nervous System Tumorigenesis Requires Tumor Initiation and then Inflammation
Host: Gunjan Agarwal,

January 21, 2020

Sean Crosson
Michigan State University
Bacterial adaptation to shifting environments
Host: Michael Ibba,

January 28, 2020

Navdeep Chandel
Northwestern University
Mitochondria as signaling organelles controlling physiology and disease
Host: MCDB Students-Mariella Mestres-Villanueva,

February 4, 2020

Isabelle Deschenes
The Ohio State University
The Cardiac Sodium Channel: Lessons Learned from Bedside to Bench
Host: Anthony Brown,

February 11, 2020

Ruma Banerjee
University of Michigan
Targeting immune metabolism with radical chemistry 
Host: Yizhou Dong,

February 18, 2020


February 25, 2020

Natasha Caplen
National Cancer Institute
Expanding the functional and actionable genome: Insights from a fusion driven cancer
Host: Amanda Hummon,

March 3, 2020

Shiv Grewal
National Cancer Institute
Epigenetic genome control by RNA-based mechanisms
Host: MCDB Students-Mariella Mestres-Villanueva,

March 10, 2020

No Seminar (Spring Break)

March 17, 2020--Rescheduled for November 10, 2020

Harvey Lodish
Regulating proliferation and differentiation of hematopoietic progenitor cells: Development of novel therapies for anemias
Host: Kristine Yoder,

March 24, 2020--Rescheduled for February 9, 2021

Debra Silver
Duke University
Dynamic post-transcriptional mechanisms governing brain development and disease
Host: Amrit Singh,

March 31, 2020--Rescheduled for September 29, 2020

Gaudenz Danuser
UT Southwestern
How cell shape shapes cancer cells
Host: Emmanuele Cocucci,

April 7, 2020--Canceled

Vincent Pecoraro
University of Michigan
De Novo Metalloprotein Design: From Hydrolytic to Redox Reactions
Host: OSBP Students-Jenna Greve,

April 14, 2020--Canceled

Amy Gladfelter
University of North Carolina
Host: Jian-Qiu Wu,


Save the Date!

May 19, 2020
Life Sciences IGP Annual Symposium
The Ohio Union

The MLS series is the joint seminar series of OSBP and MCDB. Travel arrangements for MLS seminar are by Franci Brink (614-292-1463) and Lauren Pasquale (614-292-2804), who can both be reached at Schedules are coordinated by the host. Contact the chair of the MLS Seminar Committee, Harold Fisk (, with speaker suggestions and policy questions. Speaker nominations of Nobel laureates, NAS members, and HHMI investigators are typically granted without further documentation. Nominations of other speakers doing cutting edge research of broad appeal should include a short justification and CV or similar website link. We strongly encourage nominations of emerging young investigators, women, and under-represented minorities. We also encourage nominations from MCDB and OSBP graduate students.