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Molecular Biology & Molecular Genetics

These researchers study the molecular basis of biological processes including replication, transcription, translation, gene regulation, and cellular function.

Molecular Biology

Research in this area includes studies of the molecular basis of fundamental biological processes including replication, transcription, translation of the genetic code, protein synthesis, gene expression, and cellular function. Researchers study different aspects of these processes ranging from molecular mechanisms in vitro to physiological responses in vivo, using a wide range of systems from microbes to humans.  Particular areas of interest include RNA biology, cell growth and proliferation, molecular virology, regulation of gene expression and signal transduction.

Faculty with primary interests in this areas include:


Molecular Genetics

This area includes the study of eukaryotic model systems using classical genetics, molecular techniques, and in vivo and in vitro biochemical approaches to study basic questions in cell biology, developmental biology, gene expression, and various human diseases. The faculty members investigate and make discoveries in fundamental mechanisms of life processes such as the structures and biogenesis of the nucleus and other organelles, trafficking and localization of gene products for function, signaling, cell division, development, cellular metabolism, plant metabolites and human nutrition, cancer, and pathogen infection.

Other faculty with interests in this area include: